What Does ROM Stand for? 

ROM Stands for Read-only Memory.
What does rom stands for? read only memory 

What is ROM in Computer?

The word ROM is denoted as Read-only Memory. The data in ROM is only readable we cannot write it anywhere for that reason we call this read-only memory. The data in the ROM is permanent because it is programmed and is also called non-volatile memory. 

What is Non Volatile Memory means?

Non-volatile means all the data that is stored is permanent. incase there is a power cut down the stored data is safe and secure that is why it is called non-volatile memory. 

Types of ROM?

  • PROM
  • EEP-ROM  
Types of ROM in computer? Read only memory 

1. P-ROM:

P-ROM stands for Programmable Read-only memory. In this type of ROM, Data is inserted or Programmed once and is stored permanently for a lifetime. This is called programable ROM.

2. EP-ROM:

EPROM stands for erasable programmable read memory. The permanent data in the form is erasable. If we want to erase the data we use ultraviolet rays to erase the programmed data.


EEP-ROM stands for electrically erasable PROM. EEP-Rom is used If the ROM data is erased through an electric charge