What Does RAM Stand for?

RAM Stands for Random-Access Memory
what is RAM stands for? Random access memory

What is RAM-Random Access Memory?

RAM is the acronym for Random Access Memory. It is just like a chip in a computer system connected to a CPU. It is also Volatile or also known as Direct access memory because the central processor unit (CPU) directly Access the Data Present in RAM. All the tasks that are performed by the CPU are stored in it. It is part of the central processor unit and it has very fast memory.

Types of RAM 

There are two types of rams in the computer systems;

  • S-RAM or(Static RAM)
  • D-RAM or (Dynamic RAM) 
what are the Types of RAM-random access memory

Static RAM:

The full form of S-RAM is Static Random Access Memory. This is the type of RAM where data is stored when the power supply is connected to the System (Computer) and all the Data will be erased when the supply of power is Disconnected. to store data in this type of ram you don't have to refresh again and again. is known as Static RAM.

Is Data will be lost in S-RAM when the power supply is Disconnected?  

Yes, the Data in the static RAM will be completely lost when the supply of electricity is disconnected from it because the static Ram uses a Transister to store the data and those transistors work when there is a constant power supply to it. If there is no power supply the transistor stops storing data.

 Dynamic RAM:

The Acronym for D-Ram is Dynamic Access Memory. This type of RAM also needs a power supply to refill the cells each time. You have to refresh the page, again and again, to store the data in the dynamic Ram. 

E.g: Watch the live cricket matches in your system. In this example live cricket show the live updated every second so you need to refresh frequently.

 Dynamic Versus Static RAM?

  • D-Ram Stands for Dynamic Random access memory while S-Ram stands for Static Random-access Memory.
  •  The Data will be stored in the Dynamic ram when it is refreshed again and again but in the static Ram, there is no need to refresh to store data. In static ram, all the data is stored automatically.