What Does T.A Stand For?

T.A Stands for Travelling Allowance.

What is Travelling Allowance?

Travelling Allowance is defined as a fixed amount given by the employer of any kind of employment to their employees to bear the travelling expenses is called Travelling allowance.

What Does T.A Stands For? TA-Travelling Allowance 

Types of Travelling Allowance 

There are two types of travelling Allowance,

  • Office Purpose
  • Private Purpose

Office Purpose Travelling Allowance: If the Travelling allowance is given by the employer for the office purpose e.g attending office meetings & seminars then this allowance does not become part of the salary of the employee. 

Private Purpose Travelling Allowance: If the travelling allowance is given for private use e.g family tour then the said amount becomes part of the salary of the employee.