What does ATA Stand for?

ATA Stands for Anti-Terrorism Act.

What is ATA Act in Law?

The ATA  Act actually Means Anti-terrorism Act. This Act is is enforced by the parliament on 20th August 1997 For the prevention of Terrorism, Secretarial Violence, and Fast trial of Wicked Offences. The main purpose to enforce this act is to Give protection & justice. This Act is Ammended in many Occasions according to the Situations.

What does ATA means in Law? 

What are Wicked Offences in law?

Wicked offenses (برے جرائم) are the offenses that are cruel and horrible such offenses include Murder, Forcible Rape & Molestation, Robbery & Injured someone, etc.

 When was ATA Act Enforced?

The Anti Terrorism Act is Enacted on 20th August 1997 by the parliament For the prevention of Terrorism & Wicked offenses.

Define ATA Act in Law?

The Anti-terrorism Act (ATA) is defined as an act enforced by the Government to Public protection from terrorism & speedy trial of Wicked offenses. 

What is the Synonym for Wicked Offences?

The synonyms for wicked offenses are Heinous Offences. we can use Heinous instead of Wicked. 

Define Sectarial Violences?

Sectarian Violence (فرقہ وارانہ تشدد) are that Violence that is between different Sect due to the different Ideologies & Thinkings in the country. India is the Best example of Sectarian Violence because they believe in the caste system that's why a huge amount of Sectarian Violence Occur.