What Does MCQs Stand for? 

MCQs Stands for Multiple Choice Questions.

What are MCQs-Multiple Choice Questions?

These are the questions from which we have many options to choose & we have to pick the right answer from that possible options. These Questions Mostly have 4 options and from that options 3-options are incorrect and only One option is Correct. 

What Does MCQs Stand for? Multiple choice questions 

Define MCQs?

It is an objective assessment for everyone where the respondent is asked questions that contain many choices and the respondent has to choose the Right choice from that choices is called MCQs.

For Example:

What is the Capital of Pakistan?

1. Karachi

2. Gilgit Baltistan

3. Islamabad

4. Quetta

In this Multiple-Choice question, we have 4-options and we have to select the right one. 

How to Solve (MCQs) Multiple Choice Questions?

Multiple-choice Questions are the questions that are asked in your Examinations, job tests & interview tests. When you sit to solve the MCQs you have to apply these strategies & techniques to solve these questions.

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Strategy to solve Multiple Choice Questions

  • Read the Question first.
  • Select answer in your Mind.
  • Eliminate the Wrong Answers.
  • Select the Best Possible answer. 
  • Read all Options Carefully.
  • Answer the Question you know about.
  • Make a Best Guess. 

6-Tips to solve Multiple choice questions

here are the tips and techniques to solve the MCQ questions follow the following tips.
  •  Read the Question First
First of all, whenever you face any Multiple choice question test. This is the first step you have to read all the questions very carefully and understand the question. You have to make sure that what the question is asking about. Focus on the main keywords that can change the meaning of the question.
  •  Select an answer in your Mind.
After that Make one answer in your mind with your own understanding from the available options which come fitted with all aspects then relate your answer with the given options.
  •  Eliminate the Wrong Answers. 
After selecting the answer in your mind eliminate all the wrong answers that are completely wrong. Remove options that do not relate to the given question or that are completely off. after removing the incorrect options you have to read again to come to the correct answer. 
  •  Select the Best Possible answer. 
after the elimination process selects the best possible answer from the given options on that option you are sure about it and there is no doubt.
  •  Read all Options Carefully.
Sometimes the available options are very similar to each other and there is a little difference between each option that's why you should read all the options very carefully. 
  •  Make a Best Guess. 
after all the assessment makes a delight guess from the options left after elimination concisely.