What does IMEI stand for? 

International Mobile Equipment Identity.

What is IMEI?  

 International mobile Equipment Identity we call it as a short form IMEI. This is a very unique 15 digit number that is seen on every mobile.  The best quality of this unique is you can easily track your phones when it is stolen by anyone. Through this number, you can find it.

IMEI-International Mobile Equipment Identity.
 How to find an IMEI Number?

 It a very easy to find your International mobile Equipment Identity just need to follow the below steps. If you want to know your IMEI number so this code will help you to know just put this code *#06# this will show you the IMEI 15 digit code. This code is for all the phones to get their IMEI.

Also, use it to identify the phones as well.

What are the Benefits of IMEI? 

 International Mobile Equipment Identity IMEI there are so many benefits of the number. one of the most specific benefits is if you have lost your phones somewhere. If you want to block it then the IMEI number is required here to block your phone. So that no one will use your phone because you have already blocked your phone through the IMI number.