What does MOA Stand for?

MOA Stands For Memorandum Of Association

What is MOA Means in Business?

MOA Means The Memorandum Of Association is an important document all companies must have this document where all the Important matters are clearly specified. It states the Principal Line of Business for the Companies & other important matters Related to Companies.

MOA-Memorandum of association 

What are the Clauses of Memorandum Of Association?

Clauses of Memorandum Of Association are the Rules and Boundaries that are specified in MOA in Written at the time of Incorporation. There are Six Clauses of  MOA which are as follows;

  • Name Clause.
  •  Registration Office Clause. 
  •  Liability Clause. 
  •  Business Activity Clause/Object. 
  •  Share Capital Clause.
  •  Undertaking Clause .

MOA Abbreviations

People Mostly Search MOA for different purposes that is why I collected some abbreviations for MOA for different purposes. Here is the list of abbreviations for the MOA acronym.

MOA  Acronyms      Categories                          Definitions                      
MOA                           Business                Memorandum Of Association
MOA                           Government           Ministry of Agriculture
MOA                           Shop                       Mall of America
MOA                           Medical                   Medical Office Assistant
MOA                           TXT,s                      Moments of Alwaysness
MOA                            Action                    Mode of Action
MOA                            Army                     Military Operations Area
MOA                           Analysis                 Method of Analysis