What does GPS stand for?

GPS stands for Global positioning system.

What is GPS?

 GPS stands for Global positioning system is the only system which helps you to tell and show about your accurate and exact position on the earth everywhere and any time of the day.

 The global positioning system is a satellite-based navigation system that is made up of a network of more than 20 satellites.  

GPS-Global Positioning System 

How many parts of GPS? 

There are three parts of the Global positioning system which are as below.

  • Satellites 
  • Receivers 
  • Softwares 

 What are the uses of GPS? 

  1. The global positioning system is used to determine a position.
  2. Which are used to track the Monitoring object or a personal moment.  
  3. GPS is also used to create a map of the world.

How does GPS work?

 Global positioning systems are used to track the position and place in which you want to track the area. If you want to track the actual location wherever you go you must have to install it on your car. Which is a unique technology to use.  

You can also download it on your cellphone to track the way your go this will help you to find the location where actually you want to go. Such a comfortable way to use. Everyone love to use it and many people use it in their daily life.