What does IDK Stand for?

IDK Stands for I Don't Know. 

What are IDK Means?

IDK is an Acronym that means ''I Don't Know'' this acronym is used when someone asked us & we have no idea about that thing at that time we replied ''I Don't Know'' in short IDK.

 what does IDK stands for?

When to use IDK?

IDK is just like an expression that is mostly used when you really don't know about the thing that you have asked. we use this express mostly in our daily life. 

Some Examples 

Sarah do you know where is Ali right Now, Sarah replied ''I Don't Know'' where he is.

Mama Said where is Ansar, I replied I Don't Know where he is.

What is IDK meaning? 

  Some Possible Abbreviations for IDK

IDK         I Don't Know

IDK         Internet Developer Kit

IDK         Insane Dutch Killer

IDK         Inter Development Kit

IDK         International Development Knowledge