What is OPD stands for? 

OPD stands for the outpatient department.
OPD-OPD stands for the outpatient department.

 What is OPD?      

out-patient departments are commonly known as OPD in a short form. This is a medical department where patients go for a checkup and consult a doctor according to their issue. The outpatient means those who are not admitted to the hospital. The doctor checks the patient in a clinical or consultation room.  

What is the function of OPD?

The function of OPD is eventually a general OPD word where the patient goes for a checkup and the doctor assessed him or her and treatment as well, the outpatient department you are not required to admit to the hospital you just go and consult the doctor of your major issue and the doctor will check you and give you some test accordingly or medicine as well. 

What are OPD charges? 

The charges of the outpatient department are less than inpatient because you just go to the clinic and pay the doctor's charges.