What does  ICU stand for?

ICU stands for intensive care unit. 
ICU-ICU stands for intensive care unit.

 What is ICU? 

 intensive care unit is commonly known as ICU as a short form, which is a medical term which is specialist hospital ward which provides treatment for those patients who are very ill and a serious condition for that they need critical medical care. 

If the patient is very critical and injured then the doctor shifts the patient to the intensive care unit for special health care.

Who was admitted to ICU?  

In ICU( intensive care unit) a very critical and surgical patient is admitted in this department. In the intensive care unit, the doctor and nurses are very well trained and very qualified specialists are there for critical care of the patients.

Some major treatments and surgeries are in the ICU unit are as follows.

  • Organ transplant 
  • Complex surgeries
  • Trauma