What does EOGM Stand for?

EOGM Stands for Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

What is EOGM?

EOGM is basically used as a short form for ''Extra-Ordinary General Meeting''. The word Extra clears its meaning that these meetings are held on a regular basis. These meetings are arranged anywhere & anytime. There is no perfect schedule for  Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.

 Most of the Companies call Extra-ordinary Meeting for quick Decision or on a Serious matter like something is urgent. The Extra-Ordinary General Meeting can be called up by the Shareholders Or by the management of the Companies.

EOGM stands for- 

Who can Call EOGM?

The EOGM meeting is called up by the Directors of the Company itself & sometimes Shareholders can also request this meeting if they have some stake in the Company.

 Define Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

EOGM is defined as a meeting that is other than the Annual General Meeting & Statutory Meeting. That means all the meetings which are held other than AGM & Statutory meetings are called Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. 

AGM Stands for?

AGM Stands for Annual General Meeting 

When to call EOGM?

 Extra-Ordinary General Meeting is the only meeting that can be called anytime if some specific issues are going to be discussed there is no specif time to call EOGM. 

Eogm full form-extra ordinary meeting 

What is the main Difference Between AGM & EOGM?

The main difference between Annual General Meeting &  Extra-Ordinary General Meeting is that the AGM meeting is held on an annual basis it is mandatory that this meeting is performed once a year. But there is no specific Schedule for Extra-Ordinary General Meeting this meeting can be performed anytime upon the director's request or the Shareholder's request.