TCS Full Form?

TCS Stands for Tranzum Courier Services.

What is TCS?

 TCS Means ''Tranzum Courier Services'' is Actually a Courier & logistics company located in Karachi that serves Courier & Logistic related Services was founded by Khalid Nawaz Awan a Flight engineer of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) through a joint venture with a German logistic company DHL in 1983.

TCS  -Tranzum courier Services

What are the Services TCS Perform?

There are two main Services performed by the TCS Company services are

  • Courier services
  • Logistics Services 

Where is TCS Company Located?

The TCS Tranzum Courier Servicing Company is Located in Karachi Pakistan

TCS Company History? 

TCS Company is a Courier & Logistic Servicing Company Which is Founded in 1983 through a Joint venture with the German Courier company DHL by a PIA engineer Khalid Nawaz Awan. It is a Private Company & the headquarter of this company is situated in Karachi Pakistan. 

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who is the Founder of TCS Company?

The Founder of Tranzum Courier Services TCS Company is Khalid Nawaz Awan from Pakistan. 

 How many Employees Work for TCS Company?

The Tcs company consists of around 12 Thousand plus employees who work all over Pakistan.