What does PIN stand for?

(PIN) stand for personal identity number. 

 What is a PIN? 

PIN  means ''personal identification number''.It consists of some numbers & digits that are used to make passwords of your personal accounts as security. This pin secures the information from stealing of unknown person. The PIN is like a Security layer that protects your personal information.

PIN-(PIN) stand for personal identity number.

What is the Purpose of PIN?

The main purpose of the pin is to secure Critical information from outsiders. Nowadays everyone wants to secure their information because she or she wants to save their information from misuse. That's why they Produce Pin as a Security layer.


Account Holders wish that their critical information related to their account like Bank Balance, Creditors & debtors information should be private that's why they Generate PIN as a security layer to Protect their Important information from others.  

What is ATM PIN?

ATM Pin is also a Security layer without this pin you cannot withdraw your amount from your account. The Banks introduce ATM card pins to make them more secure.

What are mobile Pin Means?

The mobile pin is used to secure your mobile phones from others. Without a pin, anyone cannot able to open your phone. only those persons can open it who know the pin that you have generated.