What does NSF Stand for?

NSF Stands for National Students Federation

What is NSF? 

NSF Means The ''National Students Federation'' is actually an organization of Students. This organization is present in every Nation & has Different Aims & Objectives. The main objective of this organization is to raise the Voice for the Fundamental Rights of the students in the Nation.

The other major objective of this organization is to stand with those students who face injustice until they gain justice. In short, we can say that this organization is the voice of students in the nation.

NSF- National students federation 

NSF Objective?

The Main Objective of the National Students Federation (NSF) is to Raise the Voice of Students for their Fundamental Rights & Stand with them in Situations. 

NSF- Basic rights of students

What are the Basic Rights of Students? 

  • The Fundamental Right of students is Education the Government must provide a reliable education system in the country so every student will get Education.
  •  All the students should be treated equally by the teachers or administrators.
  •  There must be religious freedom for all students whether they belong to any religion & caste.
  •  Safety is a Fundamental Right of the students. Governments take some safety measures for students so they feel from any danger. In schools & Universities, Most students face harassment & physical losses. They have the right to feel safe.
  •  Proper & Best Quality of Education is the basic right of students.
  •  It includes clothing, Religious Holidays, & Prayers are also the basic rights of students. 

Who are NSF Members?

The Members of the National Students Federation organization are from the Students. There is a selection process in universities they choose some members among students who speak in favor of all students. These members act like agents who struggle for the rights of students.

When any students face some issues these members solve the student's issues & if there is any injustice with any students then this organization gets him or her justice.

NSF-National Students Federation