What does LFT Stand for? 

LFT Stands for Liver Function Test

What Is Liver Function Test?

Liver Function Test Or (LFT) is a Group of Blood tests that give information about the condition of the Liver. There are many types of tests that are required to check the liver of Humans such tests include Albumin, thromboplastin, etc.

Which test tells about Liver Problems?

The Liver Hepatic Function panel Blood test tells about the Liver problem that test tells how well your liver works. these tests can measure the levels of Protein, Albumin & Liver Enzymes. The high & low-level results you have some Diseases & damages in the Liver.

Why  Liver Function Test is Important?

Liver Function tests are most important to know about the actual condition of the liver. these tests calculate the levels of Proteins, Enzymes Bilirubin. After checking these amounts we can easily say the liver is Healthy or Not.

 LFT Test Important? 

Yes, the LFT test is very important without these blood tests we cannot be sure about the liver. These tests will show a true picture of the Liver. 

When LFT tests are required?

Liver Function is required when we feel something worse or pain on the Liver side. When any patient feels pain in the liver side it is mandatory to do these tests according to the doctor's prescription.

LFT-liver function test 

What are Liver Diseases?

There are many types of liver Diseases the major diseases are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C. The third one hepatitis C is the most dangerous disease in many cases it leads to death.