What Does FRIENDS Stand for?

FRIENDS Stands for ''First Relation In Earth Never Die''.
friends full form? 

What are Friends?

Friends are the only Relation in this world that we can choose with our willingness it is our own choice no one can force us to enter in this relationship. This is the special relation where Someone Cries for you and always tries to make you happy without any reason. this is called true friendship.


What do you Mean by Friends?

Friends are those who stand with you in every situation, who brings a smile to your face when you are feeling sad, Who cries for you, Who fight for you when someone harms you, Who give their time for you, Who comes to you when you need him. Friendship is the only relation that is not bound with us to perform it depends on our own choice & will.   

what is Friends stands for? 

What is F.R.I.E.N.D.S word Stand For?

Every Alphabet in the word Friend stand for some different meaning such as, 

F Stands for Fight For you.

R stands for Respect you.

I stand for Involve you.

E stands for Encourage you.

N stands for Need you.

D stands for Deserve you.

S Stand for Support you.

what is Friends alphabet Meaning? 

 What is the Full Form of Friends Means?

The Full Form of Friends means ''The First Relation In earth Never Die''.

Possible Acronym for FRIENDS

FRIENDS             First Relation In Earth Never Die.