What does ECG Stand for?

ECG Stands for Electro Cardio Gram.
what is ECG test- Electrocardiogram 

What is ECG?

ECG Means Electrocardiogram That is like a simple test used to Know the Condition of the heart. In this test, Some Electrodes are put on the Humans Arm, Chest, and Legs. These Electrodes are Connected to the ECG Machine by Lead wires.

What is ECG Test For?

An electrocardiogram Test is Especially for the evaluation of the heart. This test Detects the rhythm & Electrical activity of the heart.

ECG full form electrocardiogram 

What is Normal ECG Means?

The normal ECG Means your heartbeat is in normal condition. The normal rate of Human heartbeat is from 60 to 100 Beats per Minute. In case of sickness, the Human heartbeat is Sometimes High & Low from the Normal rate.