What does NEFT stand for?

 (NEFT) Stands for National Electronic funds transfer.
what does NEFT stands for?

  What is NEFT?

 NEFT Means National Electronic funds transfer It is basically the process of transferring the fund from one bank to another bank easily. This process is very easy many people prefer this because this is a very secure process.

That's really important that other banks should have the facilities of (NEFT) than you can transfer your fund to other banks.

What is the full form of NEFT?

The full form of (NEFT) is ''National Electronic funds transfer'' It is one of the methods of transferring the funds electronically. It is the most reliable & easy way to transfer a large number of funds from one place to another.

 what are the fund transfer Limits on NEFT? 

 There has no limitation in neft to transfer funds. Through NEFT you can transfer your fund from one bank to another bank there have no fund restrictions.

The limit means the bank limit not your fund limit. For example, the bank limit of per day fund transfer is 10 lac then you can not be able to transfer more than 10 lac. it depends upon the limit of the bank.

 How much time does NEFT Take?

 The time period of National Electronic funds transfer NEFT while transferring your fund from one bank to another is now the things are going towards the advancement, Nowadays your NEFT  Fund can be transferred within in 1or 2 hours in a day. This is a very fast convenient way which is why customers use this always.

The process can be done within hours on the same day, the fund is credited to your account the same day you process.