SIM stands for? 

 SIM stands for Subscriber Identification Module.

 What is a SIM?

 A SIM is also called a Subscriber Identification Module. basically, SIMS is a computer chip that holds information and allows you to connect with the network. this card gives permission to subscribers to use this device for phone calls.

If you put the SIm card on your cell then through this card you can call anyone. and also you can be sent a message as well.
SIM- SIM stands for Subscriber Identification Module.

  How many types of SIM?

 There are so many types of SIMS, many of the companies launched their SIM Frenchies to give the services of our customer.

It depends on the users what he or they want to use the network. There are so many networks in Pakistan.

 How many SIMS are used in Pakistan?

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