What does RIP stand for?

 RIP stands for Rest in Peace.

 When we use RIP?

RIP is an Expression that means ''Rest in Peace'' This expression is used at the time of condolence & you can express your feelings. In short, we say RIP instead of Rest in peace.


What is the usefulness of RIP?

 This means when somebody passes away or someone dies then we use RIP for condolence. And we express our sadness after hearing the bad news. if you are on Facebook or social media and you know maybe they lose a member of our family member then they often use RIP.

 Why do we use RIP?

 The use of Rest in Peace is when somebody dies and when you know about the sad news then you use it as a short form on a comment like a rip for expressing your sadness.

 What Muslim says when someone dies?

 When someone passes away then a Muslim says " Inna Lillah Wa Inna ilayhi raji'un" as a dua.
RIP- RIP stands for Rest in Peace.