PM Power and Function? 

The power of the prime minister is undefined because as we know the PM of any country may have many powers because He or She is the head of the government. Every head has many responsibilities to make policies how to implement and how to become a superpower.
powers of prime minister?

The most fundamental principle of the head of the country is to maintain peace. This is most important and necessary to maintain. A good leader or head always thinks about peace and change. If you work for this then the world has been changing, also people love to support you, and then things will be better that should be the motive of the good head.

  • A person who is recommended can be appointed as minister.
  • Most specifically plays a significant roles play in shaping foreign policy.
  • He has a Powe of cabinet secretariat,
  • the appointments committee of the cabinet
  • Communication between the president and council minister.

 PM duration Period?

 The duration of every prime minister period is Five years as per the constitution. After five years he or she becomes again if the majority want to support again. It is based n the vote of the people. People of the country selected.