What is PM full form? 

The full form of PM is  Prime Minister. 

What does PM mean? Prime Minister.

 PM means the Prime Minister. He represents as head of the government who is appointed by the president. To become the prime minister of a country there is a huge struggle & public support is required. Prime Minister represents a country at every level & he/she is elected by the public with great majority.   
 PM Stands for? prime minister

 Who is PM) Prime minister?

Actually, Prime Minister is the person who is elected by the public with a great majority to serve their services in the favor of the public. The Prime minister is a public servant who works for mankind. In every country, the Prime minister is the representative of the public. he is responsible to deal with issues & difficulties related to the Public.

 Duration of Prime Minister?  

The duration of every prime minister period is Five years as per the constitution. After five years he or she becomes again if the majority want to support again. It is based on the vote of the people.