What does NCP stand for?

NCP Stands for ''Non-custom Paid''. This can be any product Like any Car, Motor Vehicle, or any Machinery for that Custom duties have not been paid. 

What does Ncp stands for? non custom paid  

What do you Mean by NCP?

NCP Means Non-Custom Paid these are Such type of Products or Vehicles for that Custom Duties have not been paid this means that if Vehicles or any kind of product Enters into Pakistan through Afghanistan & Balochistan Borders Hiddenly Then the Custom Duties for that vehicles are not been paid and they sell these products at Cheap rates that are called NCP Non-Custom Paid.

Are NCP Vehicles Registered?

At the Time of Purchase of Non-custom Paid Vehicles are not Registered But after that, you have to spend a large amount of Money and source then you can register.

How to register Cars in Pakistan?

If you want to register your Non-custom Paid Vehicle you have to Give an application for its registration with

  • Copy of NIC of the real owner.
  •  Original Sales Certificate.
  •   payment of Registration Fee.
  •  Number Plate fee.
  •  other taxes.