LOL Stands for?   

Stands for "laugh out loud"

When LOL is Used?

Lol stands for laugh out loud it is like a Gesture of Laughing when Someone does some unpredictable things at that time we cannot control our emotions and laugh loudly. these are the situation we use lol.


What do you mean by lol?

LOL means laugh out loud it happens when someone performs any funny act then we can lose our control and laugh loudly in short form we say LOL. The word LOL is mostly used while chatting on messenger or WhatsApp. With the help of Lol, we will express our Gestures.

 When LOL is used while Chatting?

While chatting with someone if anyone says a joke or other funny thing then we reply LOL to express our Laughing emotions at that time. 

Where do we use LOL?

Nowadays the word LOL is used in the world more than 50%. and they want to express the laugh and spread the love via chatting through different innovative platforms, like WhatsApp the most useable application.   

Lol stands for? Laugh out loud

 Another LOL Abbreviations?

LOL     (means Little Old Lady)

LOL     (Lots of Love)

LoL     (Laugh out Loud)