What does LOL stand for?

 LOL stands for Lots of Love. 

What is LOL?

 The word Lol is the short form of Lots of Love, We usually use this to wish someone lots of love. the words have a very beautiful expression. While talking to our loved ones like our girlfriend they always use the word LOL. 

LOl- LOL stands for Lots of Love.

 This word creates much love when you call it If you are talking with your GF( Girlfriend) and she says lol then the romantic feelings generate and the couple are really happy to talk more to hear the word again and again.

 Why Use LOL? 

 Most of the girls and boys use this word, A person raises a question from a girl that why is using the word LOL Then the girl shyly says that girl often uses the word LOL for her loved one, for her boyfriend to express their love through this short cut. And They express their love as well.