LLC stands for? 

 LLC stands for Limited liability company.

LLC- LLC stands for Limited liability company.

 What is LLC?

 A limited liability company is a legit entity as well as a structure that is created by state law. which can be used to run a business hold and protect your assets as well.

What are the Features of an LLC?

Following are the main features of a limited liability company LLC everybody needs to do this before starting the entity, the below-mentioned points are reliable and very important to start before running. Such as, 

  • Its a separate entity
  • Taxease
  • Flexibility
  • And also a limited Liability
  • Simplicity

  How to create an LLC Account?

  •  First of all, you have to choose and create a business name. And then you need to pay the charges for this.
  • Secondly, you need to create an agreement.
  • 3rd publish a notice on any state.
  • And the last you have to obtain permits as well.