IMPS Full form? 

 IMPS stands for Immediate payment Service.

 What is IMPS Transfer?

 stands for Immediate payment Service which means when you do a transaction the fund is a receiver on the sport. It's a 24 hours service whenever you want to transfer you can just do which time you suitable.
imps- immediate payment services 

 Transaction Limit on IMPS?

 The transaction limit in IMPS is zero limits in minimum and the maximum limit in Immediate payment Limits is approximately 20 lacs. you can transaction a fund ut to 2 lakh a day.
 For beneficiary registration, there has a limit of the transaction, it depends on the bank some banks have thirty thousand and some have fifty thousand for the beneficiary.

 Charges of IMPS? 

Charges in Immediate payment Service depends on the bank on the bank, Some banks do not charge for the transaction on one thousand. and some banks take charges it just depends on the amount of transaction. and also pay GST as well.

 How to IMPS Transfer?

 You can transfer the fund through your mobile number if your mobile is linked with the account then you can send the fund to that number.