ICMAP Stands for?

ICMAP Stands for the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan.
what is the Importance of ICMA Qualification?

  What is CMA Qualification?

ICMAP Stands for the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan it is an institution in Pakistan that works to enhance the knowledge of Management Costing & Accountancy in Pakistan. ICMA Pakistan provides professional Education. The aim of ICMA Pakistan is to Globalize the Professional knowledge of accountancy.

 ICMA Pakistan provides that education and serves those standards of education regarding the Costing and accountancy which is globally recognized.    

ICMAP Pakistan is the only Institution that Provides Globally Recognized education. Qualified CMA Member can work whenever they want in any country.

Courses Offered in CMA Qualification?

There is a total of 18 courses that are offered in CMA qualification mostly courses are related to Accounting like management Accountin& cost accounting.

  • Some courses are offered to enhance your Skills like Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Reports Writing, etc.
  •  In CMA Qualification Some Courses are offered About Management Accounting Like Enterprise management. these courses are offered to Build to boost the management skills that how can you manage the Enterprise in every situation.
  •  Some courses are related to your language like English learning is also included in the course of CMA Qualification. English is the most important subject in the current era.    

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