What does RPM Stand for?

RPM Stands for Revenue Per Mille 

What are RPM Earnings?

RPM means ''Revenue Per mille'' it is the estimation method that is used to estimate how much earning on One Thousand page views on a website. Revenue per mile is calculated by dividing the total earnings with total page views on the website and multiplying with 100 then we get the total RPM.

what is rpm? revenue per mille

 How much does Google Adsense pay on 1000 page views?

Google Adsense normally pays 1$ Dollar Against 1000 page views on the website.

How to calculate (RPM) Revenue per mille?

Revenue per mille (RPM) is calculated by Total Earnings in a Period is Divide by Total no of page Views & Multiply the resultant figure with 100. then you can find the exact RPM.

how to calculate rpm?

 RPM Calculation Formula? 

                       RPM = Total Earnings / Total page views x 100