What is the abbreviation of VC?     

  The abbreviation of VC is the vice-chancellor.

Who can be the vice-chancellor (VC)? 

are the principal and the administrative simply known as the head of the university. Moreover, he or she is the keeper of the university. Who is responsible for the university and he or she make the policies to implement. The policy followed the VC by HEC - Higher Education Commission.   

how to become a vice chancellor? 

 How to Become a VC? 

As we are aware this VC is very qualified and you must have the highest degree to apply for the position in the field you are studying actually. You must have teaching experience by profession then you have a chance to become a VC vice-chancellor.

Fo that you have to confident and much knowledge regarding the field and much more about other fields as well. To become a vice-chancellor you must-have communication and technical skills.