What does ECE full form?

 ECE full form is Early childhood education

 What is ECE education?  

 Early childhood education is also called the nursery education system. Where the teacher teaches the birth child from the age of birth till the age of seven-eight. This period of time is very important for every child for their development. From there they will start thinking about and love to engage with books. This time will help in the future to love education.

ECE- Early childhood education

 Why ECE is Important? 

 Early childhood education is important as we know that through this the children try to learn things and try to think that what we are doing the thinking process is generated from here.

Following are the main points that are ECE help to enhance,

 physical development :

In physical development, the child is growing day by day and trying to learn new things like skills, Brain, and senses.

 Cognitive development :

 second is Cognitive development where kids start thinking, Academic, Memory, Retention, Decision making, and mind as well.

 Socio-economic development:

In Socioeconomic development, the kids learn ethics, Self-management, and Self Control.

 Language development 

Language development the kids develop their latter knowledge, Sound knowledge like reading and writing as well.