What does BF stand for?  

BF stands for Boyfriend.

 BF is a short form of boyfriend  A man who is a sweet lover of a girl. A girl loves a boy that's simply known as a boyfriend. girl select a boy and love him a lot that the simple definition of Girlfriend and Boyfriend.  

bf stands for? boy friend

 What is BF & GF Relationship?

A  love relationship between a boy and a girl is called boyfriend and girlfriend. When someone asks who those guys are to you, the girl expresses her feelings and tells about our crush that he is my boyfriend with full confidence.

Boyfriend, Girlfriend is a spiritual relation when a boy love and respects the feeling of the girl and the girl love too. Then they both decide to become a girlfriend and boyfriend after knowing and good understanding.

An understanding couple always is happy and makes every moment memorable so that a good relationship always makes you happy. And after getting married they spent our life together joyfully. 

What does GF Stand for?

GF Stands for Girfriend.
gf stand for? girl friend

What do you mean by Girlfriend?

Girlfriend means When a boy has some Special feelings for a girl. He proposes to her and tells his feelings to that girl and if the girl has the same feelings she accepts his proposal and accepts to be his Girlfriend. This relation is known as a love Relationship & the person who engages in this relationship is known as Boyfriend (BF) & Girlfriend (GF).  

What is the Abbreviation of GF? 

GF is an abbreviation of Girlfriend any female friend sweet girl with whom a man is romantically involved. A girl falls in love with a handsome boy and she looks at his sincerity and honesty and she decides to select him as a boyfriend for a lifetime this is the simple definition of  GG and BF. 

Relevant Abbreviations of BF & GF

BF (Best Friend)

BF (BoyFriend)

GF (GirlFriend)

GF (Good Friend)

GF (Guest Friend)

GF (Grand Father)

GF (Great Father)