What does ASAP stand for

ASAP stand for As soon as possible.

What is ASAP mean?  

ASAP full form is ''As soon as possible'' which means when you are doing an assignment or commitment with someone to complete he or she texted you that you have to do it on time as soon as possible.

what does ASAP stands for? As Soon as Possible 

 Uses of ASAP in Chatting? 

The Acronym ASAP is mostly used in chatting when we chat with someone on Facebook or WhatsApp we usually use asap.

For example, if we text someone and say I have urgent work with you please come here as soon as possible.

ASAP example?

The best example to understand the word as soon as possible (ASAP) is Sahil wants to see you as soon as possible, then you meet with the person.

Another example is I want the transcript or mark sheet of your degree today as soon as possible on the desk or on WhatsApp. 

Uses of ASAP? 

We often use it as soon as possible when we need the things on the sport then we use it.