What does VIP Stand for?

VIP Stands for Very Important Personality. 

What is the definition of VIP? 

VIP is defined as the person or anything which has some privileges due to his status power quality among all is called VIP.

VIP means a ''very important personality''. when we talk about some noticeable personalities we usually denote him or her with the acronym VIP. 


When the prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan Visit somewhere there is much protocol with him every time just because of his personality so commonly we say he is a VIP.

What does VIP stands for? Who are V.I.P persons 

  Is VIP only Denotes Persons?

No peoples think that the Acronym VIP is only used for some personalities only but it is used for anything which is noticeable amongst many. This means that if a Hotel provides great services with high standards we can say that that is a VIP Hotel.

So this makes clear that VIP is not only stuck Important persons but for anything which has its value.

What is the Accronym for V.I.P?

The Acronym for VIP is Very Important Person.

What is VIP?

VIP as a short form is always used for the most important person who has a high moral status in the society with his intelligence, power & status. that person has some privileges among all persons that why he is called VIP person. 

Who are VIP Persons?

VIP (Very Important Person) are those persons who have high morale and social status in the society with his personality, power & gains high privileges in the community.

Who do we call VIP Persons?

The VIP persons may be any Celebrity, any politician, and head of government & any powerful person these all are the examples of VIP persons.