What does POTD Stand for?

POTD Stands for ''Player of the day''. The person who is nominated as Player of the day (POTD) is the person who performs a satisfactory performance in the game. This person is awarded a trophy which is given to the person who performs their best in the Game.

what does POTD stands for?

What do you mean by Man of the Match?

The Player of the day is also called the man of the match (MOTM). We know that in every game This Trophy is awarded to only one person and that person is Man of the match.

What is the full form of POTD?

The full form of (POTD) is player of the day & he is the person who played very well. In  (ICC) Cricket Tournament in every match, one player is nominated after the match ends & that player is called Player of the day who shows brilliant performance among other players.