What does NTR Stand for?

NTR Stands for Normal Tax regime

What is NTR mean?

NTR Means Normal Tax Regime it is a basic rate of taxation that applies to many Taxpayers from which deductions & allowances are allowed to deduct that reduce the tax liability. It is called a Normal tax regime.  

NTR- Normal tax regime

What are the Benefits of NTR?

  •  The main benefit of a Normal tax regime is that it allows deductions from the tax-like expenses & reduce the tax liability.
  •  NTR also allows deducting the allowances from the tax liability.
  •  In a normal tax regime, we can reduce our tax liability by eliminating allowable expenses. 
  •  it allows tax credits from taxable income.

Most Relevant acronyms for NTR?

Short Forms              Abbreviations.

  NTR                          Normal tax Regime.
  NTR                          Normal tax rates.
  NTR                          Normal tariff rates.
  NTR                          Network Time Reference.
  NTR                          Notice to readers.
  NTR                          National toxic rule.