What is the Acronym of NEFT?   

 NEFT means the national electronic fund transfer. 

How many kinds of NEFT?

There are two ways to do national electronic fund transfers. the first one is offline and the second is online NEFT.

Online and Off-Line NEFT?

Difference between offline and online NEFT?

 There are two ways available to use or process NEFTonline and the other is offline. the big difference between these two areas under. where I discuss and differentiate between these two.
NEFT- NEFT means the national electronic fund transfer.

  Online NEFT?

 For online NEFT you have to fill the online form of the bank via your phone or laptop whatever available is, and your cancel check will be uploaded then you can do NEFT. So this is a very easy way to do .you do it anywhere you are.
NEFT - NEFT means the national electronic fund transfer.

 Off-line NEFT?

 For offline neft have to go into the bank and fill the deposit form and also attached your cancel check with this. Then banker will check your balance in your account then he will process your check. and give you one stamp voucher.