What does IP stand for? 

 IP stands for Internet Protocol.

 What is an IP address?

 IP stands for "Internet Protocol address " which is a unique number provided to each and every device Computer on the internet that communicates with each other underground or underwires and also wirelessly.

Which is the form of integral number which can be separated by dotes "(.)"

Here is an example of an IP address.

120.200.6810 here the number is septated by dotes.
What is IP Stands for? IP-Internet Protocol 

How to use an IP address? 

 There have two options in the IP address.
  •  Private IP
  •  Public IP

 What is a private IP address?

 When you connect your device like cell phones or personal things like you are sending your data to someone, then here you use the Ip which is known as Private IP.

 What is a public IP address?

It's globalization actually because when you run your own business or work somewhere and use IP it's known as a public IP address because you use this address publically.