What does GNI Stand for?

GNI stands for Gross National Income

Define (GNI) Gross National Income?

(GNI) means ''Gross National Income'' is the total value of goods and services produced in a country and net incomes earned from the abroad. The national income contains the (GDP) Gross domestic product and net incomes from abroad.  

GNI stands for? gross national income 

How to Calculate GNI?

Formula :


GNI Means Gross National Income

GDP Means Gross Domestic Product

NIFA Means Net Incomes from Abroad

What is Gross National Income?

Gross National Income is the product of the incomes earned by the nationals whether they are present in the country or not. the Summation of all the earning is called gross national income.

Is there any Difference Between GNP or GNI?

Sometimes students are confused between these two terms GNP & GNI they think these two terms are different in any way but I want to make this confusion clear that there is no difference these two terms can be used interchangeably.

 these both terms start with G that means gross represents the total final value of goods and services but the depreciation is not yet deducted from this value that's why this value is gross value.

How to Come from Gross to Net?

If we want to come from the Gross value of anything to the net value simply we have to Deduct the value of depreciation from the gross value the resultant value is net value.

                               Gross Value - Depreciation = Net value