What does ECL Stand for? 

ECL Stands for Exit Control List.

 What is ECL (Exit Control List)?

ECL is a Governing Body in the jurisdiction of Pakistan which is formed on 21 Dec 1981 that contains a list of those persons who are restricted / Prohibited by law to Never leave Pakistan. Nowadays most of the Pakistani politician names are therein the list.

 ECL stands for?

When was ECL formed?

The Exit control list (ECL) was formed on 21 Dec 1981 to control the exits of those persons whose names are listed in ECL. 

Whose names are written on ECl?

ECL is a controlling body of those persons who did something wrong or suspected Like money laundering Murder or something suspicious his/her name is listed in the Exit Control List until he is not recovered from that matter. 


Mr. Nawaz Sharif & his brother Mr. Shehbaz Sharif is an example of the ECL Exit control list Due to their money laundering case their names are listed in ECL. that's why they cannot leave Pakistan until they will not relief from that case. 

 Where is the capital of ECL Situated?

the capital of ECL is situated in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad secretariat. 

Which Types of Crimes Leads their names in Ecl?

  • The persons who do corruption and make miss use of their status & authority their names are written in ECL until recovered from those blames.
  • Any employee of the government makes frauds.
  • Any persons involved in terrorism & suspicious transactions.
  • Any person involved in that act is prohibited in Pakistan.
  • If any person is committed any kind of crime and court may issue an order to list his name in ECL.