What does BBQ stand for?

BBQ stand for Barbecue.

What is BBQ Definition? 

Barbecue BBQ is a special Dish that is used in the world but in Pakistan, all families are get together Especially on Eid days and they bake meat on the coil & enjoy the night. This dish is a favorite of Pakistani people they arrange BBQ on their every special occasion like marriage CeremoniesEid occasions, or religious festivals.e

What does the word BBQ mean?

The word BBQ is most commonly known as  Barbecue. Barbecue is a very delicious dish most people love to arrange Barbecue plans on their houses outside and on the roof.  

A meal cooked out of the doors on an open fire where you can enjoy your friends and family as well. You also arrange this in open are like at picnic point too.

Especially in Pakistan BBQ is a tradition most people do this especially on EID days. Because on Eid boys collect the meet and then they enjoy Barbecue party with joyfully.  

BBQ stands for? 

on what Occasions BBQ is arranged?

In Pakistan, BBQ (Barbecue) parties are arranged on special occasions like any marriage ceremony or any religious occasion. But the most suitable occasion for these parties is Eid-ul Fitr or Qurban Eidpeople love to arrange BBQ parties on Eid days.   

BBQ Picture-Barbecue Picture?

here are a collection of barbecue dish pictures to see how it look likes after completion. so arrange barbecue parties with your cousins, brothers & families & enjoy precious moments with your

BBQ-BBQ stand for Barbecue.