What is the Full form for ATL?

The Full form for ATL is the Active Taxpayer List.

 Benefits for Active Taxpayers?

If the person is regular in their tax returns & pays their Taxes on time their name is listed in the ATL (active taxpayer list) The government of Pakistan provides some benefits for those persons who pay their obligations.

What are ATL benefits? active taxpayer benefits 

 Therefore Active taxpayers receive Some benefits such benefits are as under;

  • If a person is listed as an Active taxpayer in ATL. The Tax deductions at source by banks on profits & withdrawals charges at lower rates.
  •  They will be charged a lower amount of withholding tax this benefit is only provided for ATL members.
  •  they will be charged a lower amount of tax when they buy or sell any property.
  •  Ther will receive a lower deduction of tax from dividends of that person.
  •  The active Taxpayer can claim the overpaid tax that has been withheld.