What is the Full form of CPU?

The Full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. It is the main part of a System and performs various functions like Data processing, Encoding, Storing data, Inputs & Decisions making.CPU is also known as Brain of Computer System.
 Complete details of the CPU functions are as under.

 what are CPU Functions?

Main Functions of CPU?

CPU- stands for Central processing unit It is one of the major parts of computer Mostly People consider it as a Brain of a Computer so According to its importance, it performs many functions some of the important functions are as under. 

  •  The Central Processing Unit (CPU) takes the important information as inputs & processes that information according to instructions.
  •  The Central Processing Unit is also called The brain of a computer so it controls all parts or units of the computer.  
  •  It takes information as inputs and takes decisions themselves. 
  •  There are many languages that are programmed in the CPU so with the help of that Calculations it performs Calculations Like mathematical, logarithmic, algebraic, and many more.
  •  It stores a large amount of Data, Instructions, and programs.