What does HS Stand for? 

''HS Stands for Hotspot''. It is an actual location where people can get internet access on their mobile phones or laptops. With the help of Hotspot, we use wireless internet in our daily life.

HS stands for? hotspot 

What do you mean by Hotspot?

 Hotspot plays a vital role in the current world? We know that everyone uses the internet & to survive in the current world with an internet connection is not possible. Hotspots make life easy. With the help of Hotspot, we are using the internet everywhere.

Benefits of Hotspot?

If we don't have an internet connection then I think it is the most important Hotspot that is we can share the internet connecting with anyone like our friends or family members.

What are Types of Hotspots?

there are two types of Hotspots?
  • Public Hotspot
  • Private Hotspot

 1. What is Public Hotspot?

The public hotspot means the locations like ''hotels, coffee shops, Airports & hospitals'' where people get to access the Internet Connection Due to the wireless device such as routers. 

2. What is a Private Hotspot

The private or personal Hotspot means the locations like ''Homes, rooms'', etc where there is limited internet access only to the family members or friends with whom the password is shared. 

relevant Abbreviations for HS?

HS   (Hotspot)

HS   (Handshake)

HS   (Head Shot)