CPC Stands for?

CPC Stands for Cost Per Click.

What is CPC?

CPC means Cost per Click & this means how much you earns if user clink on your advertisement. CPC also means that How much you earn on One Click. Google provide Ads on website and each advertisement has it different costs. Some advertisement has high cost and some are cheap cost Ads.

 CPC is cost per click on the ads if user click on high costly ads then your earnings are increase and vice versa.

CPC- Cost per click

How to increase CPC in Google AdSense?

(CPC) Cost Per Click in Google AdSense is Increased by Following ways

  • You can place the Advertisement on your web page in a formal format i.e. you can place Three ads. 2 Ads of size  336 280 & 1 Ads of size 468 60.
  • The Advertisement or Ads Must be in Textual form because Textual have high CTR (Click Through Rate) than Image or Visual.
  • The other Best way to Acquire High CPC is to use both Textual and Image Ads in the Web page it give more CPC.

 Which Country Gives the Highest CPC Rate?

Australia Gives the Highest CPC rate of 0.48$ all over the world and after that the top CPC providing Countries are Netherlands provide CPC rate 0.44$  Denmark 0.43$ & Switzerland provide 0.41$ etc.

Top 10 Highest CPC Ranking Countries 

Countries                CPC Rate

  • Australia                     0.48
  • Netherland                 0.44
  • Denmark                    0.43
  • Switzerland                0.41
  • South Africa               0.36
  • New Zealand             0.32
  • Finland                      0.32
  • Singapore                 0.30
  • Norway                      0.28
  • United Kingdom        0.27

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