What is the full form of TBL?

 TBL's full form is Team-Based Learning.

 What is Team-Based Learning (TBL)? 

Team-based learning is a sequence of class activities that are designed to engage the student with each other also known as meaningful learning. Students are aspected in learning the material. There are so many activities over here.
1- ISR
3-Burning Question
4-Application Exercise
TBL- TBL's full form is Team-Based Learning.

 Burning Question?

The student who is able to discuss the whole class and answer the questions is called burning questions. In this process, the students are actively engaged with each other and take part in participating. Students challenge the answer to each other.

 Application Exercise?

 in this process, the student discusses the case studies .and discuss the real work problems

 Advantages and Disadvantages of TBL?

Advantages of TBL:

 TBL is actually a group learning where all the students are making groups and discussions with each other and sharing the knowledge and solving the issues to each other. I personally love and prefer group study because it's a very easy way to gain knowledge and build confidence as well.

In group learning, you are able to develop skills such as complex problem solving also teaches you team management and how to work with the team.

 Disadvantages of TBL?

 The disadvantage of TBL is that there have a much chance to create conflict between individual learners.

They also take much time to take any final decision what we have to do and which we present and who will present as well,

 TBL in Medical Education?

 Nowadays in the medical area, team-based learning is also created and do work on it. where the accurate experience of working in terms to resolve and solve real-life clinical problems

 Difference Between TBL and PBL? 

 PBL stands for problem-based learning

which are emerged as an existing new method the main difference between both TBLand PBL is on TBL only one teacher can rum more teams and other PBL where one teacher can rum a small group this is the big difference between both.