What Does OK Stand for? 

OK Stands for Oll Korrect, All Correct 

History of Ok?

The Word O.K is first used by the Employes of England & America. In the old Language, It looks like ''Oll Korrect'' but later in the British language, it changes into All Correct. It is the short form of All correct. It is mostly used all over the world. it is also called the Most Repeated Word. 

 When Ok is Used for the First Time?

The word Ok is used for the first time on 23 March 1839 in the Boston Morning Post as Abbreviation.

What Does OK Means?

OK means All Corrector ''Objection Killed'' which means if someone is trying to understand his point of view about any objection Then the word Ok is used when the other person Completely understands his point of view by saying Ok. the Word ok Kills the objection between those two parties.  

ok stand for?

 Why Ok Word is Used?

The Word OK is mostly used all over the world to kill the Objection or to Stop the Discussion about anything when it is completely understood.  The word OK is a Killing point for any Discussion.