What does KYC stand for?

 KY C stands for Customer you know.

 KYC- KY C stands for Customer you know.

What is KYC?

The word KYC means Customer you know as a short form which is a very important form filled by customers in banks or any organization. This is important to know about the person who is come to you and wants to open an account in your organization.

 Why is KYC  Important?

KYC is really important because through this you know about the person who is going to be a part of your company and open an account. This is a requirement in banks and other institutions where they fill this from customer to knowing the individuals.

Through the KYC you can get information regarding the person in your organization what actually he is and what he or she doing. that is why KYC is the most important procedure so organizations use this term o aware of the customer and the individual. 

 KYC documentation?

These are the documentation required during KYC.
  • Your CNIC 
  • CNIC is your Father
  • Your phone Number 
  • Address