SEX stands For? 

  SEX stands for Sexual Energy xchange.

 What is Sex?

 Sex is like a physical connection or relationship between a male and female. When the couple meets and is close together their sexual desire generates at their extent level & after that, they start romance like kissing on lips and touching in their private body parts.

 These things will increase their desire for sex at an optimum level and they become sexually exploited. During sex, the chromosomes are exchanged between males & females.

what are sex benefits?

 Top 10 Health Benefits of sex?

 1. Reduce Stress & Anxiety : 

 Sex is beneficial for humans because it reduces stress and anxiety. After sex, you feel relaxed and stress-free. You feel pleasure after doing sex.

 2. Makes Strong & Healthy Heart:

   The other benefit of having sex is it activates the cardiovascular system it makes the strong and healthier heart. while sex body parts doing exercise.

 3. Increase your Confidence Level:

 Another most important Benefit of having sex is it increases your self-confidence. the reason for that is one person appreciates and delights the other person and it boosts their confidence.

 4. Healthier Skin:

 Sex is beneficial for healthier skin as well. during sex, skin is hydrated get nourished and reduces wrinkles. Most of the girl's skin is get nourished after having sex and their wrinkles are cleared.

 5. Sex Reduce weight:

 Sex reduces weight it is like exercise & a high amount of calories are burnt while having sex. It reduces weight and makes the body fit and slim.

 6. Deeper Sleep:

 After having sex you can enjoy a Better and deeper sleep Because your body parts get relaxed and you are completely satisfied. due to hormones released you can better quality of rest.

 7. Decrease Physical Pain & Headache:

 Sex decreases the physical pain of your body organs & also decreases migraines like headache pain. due to sex flow of blood circulation is increased and reduce migraine pain.

  8. Improves Fertility:

 the other benefit of having sex is that Sex can also improve the fertility of the human body.

 9. Strengthen The Bones:

 The benefit of sex is it Makes strong the Bones of Humain so sex has many benefits.

10. Better Urinary Track:

Sex is very important for having a better urinary tract. If you do more sex you can be able to control your bladder.

 Why SEX IS important?

Sex is very important for Male and females and it is a natural part of the life cycle.

Sex and relationship are something that we should not be afraid of this but rather embrace them both are a part of our culture as well. 

As we know that sex is a very beautiful thing as everyone can feel it and enjoy it, Through sex everyone can away from stress or depression that such a wounder and relevant benefit of sex I can tell.

Sex will give you more satisfaction and motivate you to do love your life partner. Sex is a good exercise which makes you happy and healthy. when you do sex with your love then you will be mentally satisfied and you will feel relaxed. After that, you will sleep deeply.
what is sex?